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Hot Wax Surf Shop has the island's largest and best fleet of surfboards and other rental equipment including: Stand-up paddle boards, body boards, skimmers, and kayaks. Check out our top notch instruction featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Why we are different- A true water sports company with real equipment, not toys, we are watermen who use all our equipment, a larger variety of products that are lighter weight, perform better and track further. Hot Wax also offers instruction we don’t just rent to you! We also provide great advice to keep you and your family safe. Hot Wax has the best selection of NSP, short boards, medium size fun shapes, & long boards because one size does not fit all. New Wave Skater Body Boards & Zap Skimmers, premium equipment and we sell and service what we rent. All Surf boards come with leashes and are waxed with some good advice from local Surfers. You don’t get that kind of service or knowledge from rental companies who rent baby cribs and barbeque grills. You wouldn’t go to a plumber for dental care would you? SMILE  

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Most of the surfboards we rent at Hot Wax are NSP. There's good reason for this. With 25% weight reduction this year and E-2 epoxy construction; they retain the strength to withstand the trials and tribulations of surfing. Sizes range from 6ft up to 9ft because one size does not fit all.


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NSP Shortboards
NSP Funboard

Half-day (5 hours): $20, Full day (10 hours or less): $25, 7 days: $120-IN STORE

5 day rental minimum $145.



Found all over the world the NSP is one of our most popular boards. The E2 construction is as tough as it gets and we really like it. We know you will too. This board has a Perfectly proportioned foil, template and concave make this board a blast to ride and for many surfers their only board for good reason!


Half-day (5 hours): $20, Full day (10 hours or less): $25

7 days: $120-IN STORE

More info:

NSP Longboards


:: ELITE RENTALS (Advanced surfers only-NO EXCEPTIONS!)

These rentals are for people who surf DAILY and have been surfing for several years as a lifestyle and know how to handle and take care of their equipment. All sizes-Webber, Walden, McTavish, etc. These rentals are by appointment only-you MUST talk to Mike Crews first. Boards are out of our personal demo quiver. Single user/ at our discretion/ qualifying questions/when available. Advance surfers only no exception.

Half day (5 hours): $20

Full day (10 hours or less): $25

7 day: $120 IN STORE



Stand up paddling, very popular in Hawaii for many years have become the latest craze and full body workout. More popular than ever, we are offering these boards for rent. Check out our top notch instruction that has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Wave Rider SUP Half-day (5 hours): $50, Full day (10 hours or less): $65, Multi-day: $50 per day

Please note above prices are for self-carry only. Hot Wax offers delivery; please call 252-354-6466 for details.

ALL stand up paddle board rentals include adjustable paddle and required use life vest.

NSP our newest and most popular SUP Rental board. The NSP SUP is the perfect first board to enjoy the exciting sport of Stand-Up Paddle boarding. Developed for cruising, cross-training, and small waves, its generous shape accommodates all levels. Constructed with super durable, NSP E2 epoxy offering hours of trouble free fun. Built in handle makes this an easy board to carry around. INCLUDES LIGHTWEIGHT ADJUSTABLE PADDLE AND REQUIRED USE LIFE VEST.  

Sizes 10’0”-12’0” available



Brand name high performance Wave Skater Pro body boards, all sizes including big kahuna sizes. All Body boards come with available Hydro Fins.

Sizes & Weight Limits 165-200lbs.-42”

200lbs. or Less-45” 200-250lbs.+-48”

Half-day (5 hours): $20

Full day (10 hours or less): $25, 7 days: $120.

WaveSkaterPro Website



ZAP Skimmers. 3 sizes: Small-60lbs-120lbs, Large-75lbs-140lbs, Extra Large-180lbs-225lbs

Half-day (5 hours): $20

Full day (10 hours or less): $25

 7 days: $120 Delivery & Pick-up

Not to be used behind a boat, for shore use only.

Zap Skim


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