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Hot Wax Surf Camp:: Get Stoked

2.5 hours MORNING CAMP (Our most popular day camp.)  Coached based, basics of surfing-attended by kids, Family’s, Adults, including 6 base commanders, Navy seals basically for everyone! PLEASE Call FOR PRICING & Updated Activity options.252-354-6466

Classes every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning (Memorial Day-Labor Day). Tuesdays and Thursdays are overfill or rain days only. Surfboards are included.

24 hour advanced notice is required. Sign-up online (Reserve Your Spot Now!), call (252) 354-6466 or come by the shop (See the Map).

Class starts at 9:00 and ends at 11:30. Students need to be at the shop at 8:45. Reservations required. Classes purchased will no longer be valid after September 15th of the year issued, however, store credits are available during the current year issued only.

Sponsored gift items: One item per student per week, with the possibility of a "Big Kahuna" award every day attending camp. Students are limited to One Big Kahuna award a week.

We are always taking photos of our campers including water photos ( Waves Permitting) and archiving them each day of Surf Camp online through our Photo Gallery online. We offer high quality prints, posters and other photo items online here.

Tweet out the link to your peeps or put the link on your Facebook page for all to see, or email the address to friends or relatives.

All of our instructors work hard for you. Even though one instructor may be helping you more than another we work as a team so our policy is as follows:

Tips for instructors are encouraged and suggested. They work hard to provide you and your families with a safe environment while in the ocean no easy task. Please give them a tip, even lunch money helps as most are students. And I have to say these guys are the best -MC. A tip jar is provided on the counter after class for your convenience. Or, please give any tips to Mike Crews or Lani Crews so that they are equally distributed among all instructors. All classes with our instructors must be booked through Hot Wax Surf Shop. Please do not ask an instructor for instruction after class. This is not allowed and could jeopardize their position & job.

:: Please consider

  • All Classes are weather and wave sensitive.
  • Do not leave the beach before class is over. Instructors must know where you are at all times during class. If you have to come in for any reason please stay in front of the class on the beach with the surfboard. If you must leave you must inform an instructor. And the boards must be left at the camp tent or umbrella and accounted for. We assume no responsibility for individuals who leave the surf camp.
  • You will need bottled water, sun screen and a rash guard - all available at Hot Wax Surf Shop. Surfboards included in camp.
  • You must inform the Camp personnel of any and all illness, handicaps or problems you might have at time of sign up, as well as before class - NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Drinking alcohol is not a good idea the night before class. Please tell us if you are a smoker.

NOTE! Hot Wax Camp instructors have the right to change or alter activities based on the weather, availability of activities, or for safety reasons. Since tide and surf conditions are ever changing some activities may have to be rescheduled from time to time. Please remember we live, surf, paddle and boat here year round. We make the call based on our experience and for your safety, thanks.

All surf equipment and surf accessories are available at Hot Wax Surf Shop (Emerald Isle, NC). Surfboard rentals available after class for the rest of the day for a discounted rate of $10.00. As a participant you have priority on rentals the day of camp.


Notice: Prices, Programs & content subject to change without notice!

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