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Regarding general, surf camp, surf board, stand-up paddle board (SUP), kayak tour, body board, and skim board rentals and instruction questions:

Rental Rates:

Why are some of your rental rates a higher than your competition? What is the difference? Answer: We offer better equipment, better selection, and better customer service than our competition. We are experienced surfers, kayakers, and stand-up paddle boarders, and we use and sell what we rent. We do offer discounts for longer rental periods. Our basic equipment prices are very competitive with our advanced equipment retails. We also provide advice, knowledge, and safety equipment specifically tailored to your equipment rental. We do not rent equipment to you without offering a rental consultation! Hot Wax also provides the area’s most comprehensive and professional instruction, to help keep you and your family safe.


At Hot Wax, when you sign your name on a rental agreement you are responsible for all damages. When we rent to you, you agree that the equipment will not be used in an irresponsible manner and that you and the equipment will not cause danger by yourself or others with you.

Surf board and Stand-up paddle board Rental Rules:

Although lightweight, stand-up paddle boards and long boards can be bulky and awkward to carry and handle. Make sure to move slow and steady when handing these boards. Use a firm grip with dry hands. It is best to have two people to load and unload boards. Lay boards down easily on the grass, sea grass, sand or other soft surface. Do not put boards on pavement, concrete or rock or any other hard surface; doing so will break, scrape and scratch the epoxy gel coat off. Some of our SUPs are designed for surfing while others are for FLAT WATER ONLY. Please use them in accordance to your rental agreement.

Surf board and Stand-up Paddle Board Rental Rules and Policies:
1. There are absolutely no refunds or credits on rentals. Surf boards are to be used for surfing only.
2. We are not responsible for weather changes, ability, attitudes, or lack of common sense.
3. All damages to rental equipment must be reported by the customer upon return. Damages are not included in your rental price. You are responsible for the payment of all damages and payment is due at time of rental return. NO EXCEPTIONS! All surf boards are inspected on a daily basis, we will know if you did not follow the rental rules.
4. If damage occurs during use or repairs need to be made to your board rental, please notify us immediately. We will replace or exchange it for another board at any time during your rental period.
5. DO NOT ride shore break. We can tell- “We surf in the water not in the sand”.
6. DO NOT leave board unattended. Secure the board inside your rental property at night.


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